Departure Foundation



Departure Foundation Studios - Southall.

Since January 2012 Departure has been supporting a selected group of artists by providing them with free studio space in two large warehouses in West London. Each artist has a huge area of space to make their work.

Permanent Studio Artists:

Louise Ashcroft, Alex Brenchley, Ralph Dorey, Danielle Drainey, Laura Edmans, Tom Farthing, Susan Forsyth, Rebecca Glover, Rebecca Gould, Steve Hines, Fritha Jenkins, Iwan Lewis, The Lloyd Corporation, Eugene Nyee Macki, Marcus Orlandi, Richard Stone, Rich White, John Wynne.

Project-based Studio Artists in 2012: Helene Kazan, Pavilion (Gabriel Birch and Sophie Yetton).

We also provide free storage space for artists on site:

Jim Woodall, Pavilion, Andrew Sabin, Laura Ford.

Departure Studio Southall


Departure Foundation Studios - Thames Tower.

Selected artists have been sponsored in the form of free studio space in our Hammersmith building. It's a wonderful space with incredible views! Artists have been working on site for a year now and the space has become a real hive of activity. Many of the artists at Hammersmith have also been involved in Departure Foundation exhibitions elsewhere in London and throughout the UK.

Current Studio Artists: Gwen Bajon, Dijana Bekvalac, Marc Hyman, Lily Johnson, Jack Jones, Alejandro Ospina, Robert Rivers, Marianne Spurr, Chantelle Stephenson, Sara Twomey, Charlotte Young, David Rickard, Victor Ivanov, Jennifer Taylor, Daniel Pasteiner, Kaho Kojima, Annabelle Moreau.

Previous Studio Artists: Katerina Stavrou, Chloe Dewe Mathews, Martin Sexton, Augusta Ogilvy .

We are also helping a number of artists by providing free storage space on site.

Hammersmith Artists

Departure Foundation Studio, London Docklands

15 Harbour Exchange Square (behind our exhibition space), South Quay, London. Seven artists are using this former office to make and store work. The space is also used to host events and exhibitions.

Artists: Hugo Wijngaard, Perce Jerrom, Myles Painter, Charlie Audsley, Ella McCartney, Anka Dabrowska, Dave Charlesworth.



Departure Foundation Studios - Manchester

Unit 2, Ashton Retail Park, Ashton-Under-Lyne (15mins from Manchester Victoria Station).

Studios and project space. Artists: Oscar Godfrey, Laura Yuille, Rosanne Robertson, Holly Rowan Hesson. The artists have been using the space to host group projects and talks.

More artists coming soon. There's plenty of space in this large retail unit, so if you're interested in joining the studio email



(props from a recent group workshop led by Laura Yuille)

Departure Foundation Studios - Sheffield

Between January and April 2012 four artists were provided with free studio space in central Sheffield. We are hoping to provide more space in Sheffield in the future.

Artists: Darren Topliss, James Prescott, Sarah Yates, Chris Butcher.